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With effect from 01.04.2016 Institutes must ensure that they are enrolled for online transaction/demands for apprenticeship training facilities. Institute may get their National Webportal User ID and Password from the Board by writing to   ensure that a link of BOPT(ER) website ( is provided on Home page of their Website.
1. Go for New Institution Enrollment   [Procedure]
2. Go for Update Institution Profile
Holding of awareness workshops on Draft National Credit Framework (NCrF)     dated:14.11.2022 new
Advance and Basic Courses in Artiflcial Intelligence and Machine Leaming     dated:26.10.2022 new

Taking opportunities to every corner of the country

Technical institutes across the country can now use the NATS portal to provide their students with training   employment opportunities. Institutes located in areas with low industrial exposure will get access to structured training modules in reputed establishments and the chance to widen their professional network, thus providing their students with better future prospects. It is a great opportunity to build the institute’s reputation and brand equity.
- Share candidate information
- Upload sandwich course student profile [Upload]
-Collaborate with leading industry partners
- Meet market expectations
-100% placements will attract more applicants
“NATS has allowed institutes like ours to place students in some of the leading companies in India. This not only boosts their career prospects but also helps the institute in attracting more talent from the local areas.”
- Head of Department, AEC, Assam.