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Apprenticeship Training Scheme

National Apprenticeship Training Scheme is one of the flagship programmes of Government of India. Ministry of Education, Department of Higher Education, Government of India implements the National Apprenticeship Training Scheme through Board of Practical Training at Kolkata and Boards of Apprenticeship Training located at Chennai, Mumbai, Kanpur for providing skill training by utilizing the facilities available in the industries to Graduates & Diploma Holders in Engineering & Technology and Graduate in General Stream pass outs as Graduate and Technician apprentices under the Apprentices Act 1961.
Apprentices are provided on the job training by employers using the facilities / resources available under the supervision of trainers, through structured training modules to ensure the apprentices acquire skills and competencies after the training which will enhance their confidence and employability. During the period of apprenticeship, the apprentices are paid monthly stipend, 50% of minimum stipend rate reimbursable to employer from Government of India. After successful completion of training, the apprentices are issued a Certificate of Proficiency by Government of India which is considered as one year experience when they go for further employment.
Apprenticeship training is for a period of only one year and for the sandwich course students, the period of apprenticeship training shall be as per their course curriculum. The apprenticeship training programmes will be formulated by the concerned industries / establishments and the Regional Central Apprenticeship Adviser. The apprenticeship training programmes can be available throughout the year as and when required by the industries / establishments.


The basic objective of the scheme is to bridge, any gap, in so far practical/ hands on experience of fresh graduate engineers, diploma holders and general streams students such as B.A, B.Sc., B.Com. etc. and also to enhance their skills for making their suitability in job absorption as per the needs of the industry.

Why Apprenticeship Training is important for Fresh graduates?

Every company has its own approach for evaluating new recently graduated students and for onboarding after training them to get the best results. What consistent is;a great deal of patience and hand-holding. Year after year, fresh graduates, young talent who have just completed their studies are stepping into the world of work for the first time. Some organizations value them enough to actively prioritize hiring them; others are more conservatives and recruit through a system consisting of assessment for a long period what is called "Period of Apprenticeship". Whichever the case, fresh graduates present certain challenges in hiring. To begin with, they are difficult to differentiate.In terms of skills, technical skillsets are for the most part very similar and hence are distinguished mainly by academic performances - which is not necessarily the best indicator of work performance. Their professional skills are mostly formal. Their non-academic knowledge is hit and miss. So how should recruiters and hiring managers choose from within this large group of more or less identical candidates. The answer is through "Apprenticeship Training"; wherein the employers get enough of time to teach/demonstrate the skills on the job and continuously monitor and assess students performance including soft skill andculture fit. Those who continuously perform well during the assessment are absorbed by the employers. National Apprenticeship Training Scheme (NATS) is a new wheel for many recruiters and hiring managers to get best of hiring and retention. It is concluded that the "Apprenticeship Training" is a gateway to professional career and "A Step Towards Employment"

Educational Qualifications

Graduate in engineering or technology /graduate in general stream students such as BA, B.Sc,B.Com etc. granted by recognised institution /statutory university

Student persuing Degree in Engineering under sandwich pattern that he / she may hold a degree in Engineering or Technology

Diploma in engineering or technology granted by recognised institution/statutory university

Student persuing Diploma of Engineering under sandwich pattern in order that he / she may hold a diploma in Engineering or Technology



Benefits of Apprenticeship Training


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